Deciding What Renewed Device to Buy: “Excellent” or “Fair” Condition

The Dilemma.

We all have been there, maybe even right now... We are about to make a renewed device purchase, but then we are offered a choice between a device in “Excellent Condition” or in “Fair Condition”. How should you choose? What is the difference? And is it worth the money?

Breaking down the meaning of the condition.

Most companies these days offer many different types of cosmetic conditions. Some examples we may see are “A/B/C Grade”, “Like-New/Good/Poor”, or “Excellent/Fair”. So what is the actual difference? Well, before we get to the answer, please do keep in mind that each company will vary with its defined descriptors for each condition so we recommend to always read the fine print. But unlike other companies, provides a simple descriptor for each condition. 

For “Excellent” is defined as a device with “Light scratches and scuffs on the body. May have some light nicks/things along the edges”. And “Fair” is defined as a device with “Moderate scratches and scuffs on the body. Dents and dings along the edges and corners may have light marks on the screen”. So now that we have broken down the meaning of each condition what else should you consider?... The price!

What’s the cost?

Knowing that there is a difference of course between the cosmetic descriptors for each condition there is also a price difference. You can see up to a 20% reduction on a price of a product just for a cosmetic difference, keep in mind both are still 100% functional. For example, as of March 1st 2021, on you may search for a 15" MacBook Pro 2015 2.8GHz i7 1TB SSD 16GB and notice it for $1,165 in “Excellent” condition. But there also can be the same model in “Fair” condition for $949! You can save about 18% or $216 just from a cosmetic difference while still having a completely functional device. But this leaves only one question left, which one should you choose?

Making the Decision.

Though this can be the toughest part of the process it is at the same time the simplest. If you like having a device that feels brand new in your hands and you are not on a strict budget, then “Excellent” condition may be the best route. But let's say you are a new student and you are working on a strict budget and need something just as functional to get you through your classes, well then, the “Fair” condition is your best choice. Like always, the decision is up to you. Make sure to do your research and see what fits your needs the best based on price and your tolerance for a little wear.

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